JCS offers an extensive portfolio of services in the Construction industry and related fields.

Our portfolio is testament to our accomplished professionalism and skill in highly specialised and competitive disciplines. All our members employ state of the art technology, which is specifically integrated to suit the task at hand.

All use advanced software packages in order to maintain high standards of accuracy and realism and we ensure at all times that we remain abreast of developments in the latest technologies related to our fields.

Our client base, from both the public and private sectors, have all benefited from our one-stop pool of expertise, which also includes architects, landscape architects, 3-D imaging specialists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, topographical surveyors, geo-technical , civil and structural engineers and a host of others relevant to our industry.

Our team, which includes you as our client, works closely together to combine structural quality with eye-catching aesthetics

Specifically, JCS Construction Consulting offers the following specialist solutions:
Civil Engineering

• Roads, Paving and associated drainage
• Water and sewerage reticulation
• Pipelines and pumping systems
• Railways
• Storm water drainage systems
• Bulk Earth Works
• Geotechnical services

Structural Engineering

• Commercial and office buildings / shopping complexes, etc.
• Hospitals
• Housing and Apartment Buildings
• Schools
• Water and Waste treatment works
• Water retaining structures (Earth & concrete dams and reservoirs)
• Retaining walls

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

• Design work
• Preparation of Specifications
• Compiling of Tender documents
• Executing, Supervising and Managing of projects and contracts engineering systems and services as follows:

o Electrical distribution
o Substations and systems form LT to 33 KV
o Open switch yards up to 33 kV
o Lighting systems
o Protection and control
o Emergency Diesel generators
o No-break power supplies (UPS)
o Aviation lighting mechanical work
o Air conditioning
o Lifts
o Escalators
o Industrial installations in factories etc.

Geotechnical services

• Groundwater research
• Borehole drilling
• Drilling supervision
• Pump test supervision and analyses
• Mineral exploration
• Geotechnical soil profiling
• Plate load-bearing tests
• Geophysical data collection and interpretation
• Time and frequency domain
• D.C. resistivity soundings and profiling
• Magnetic data collection and interpretation
• Gravity
• Magneto telluric method
• Refraction seismic ground penetrating radar


• Preliminary proposals for feasibility studies
• Quality assurance services
• Architectural detailing and design
• Space planning solutions
• Marketing documentation and project logo design
• Multimedia presentations
• Three dimensional modeling
• 3-D Computer visualisation

Landscape Architecture

• Landscape design
• Irrigation
• Indigenous rehabilitation
• Water features and dams
• Golf courses
• Three dimensional modeling

Quantity and Topographical Surveyors

• Staking of roads and railway lines
• Preparation of digital terrain models
• Setting out of structures
• Aerial surveys
• Estimation of quantities
• Precision surveys
• Installation of benchmarks and control beacons
• Cadastral survey