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The advent of democracy in South Africa brought a new dynamic to various sectors of South Africa's economy. Specifically the construction environment entered a cycle of sustained growth and development.

This has created a vast pool of resources from which potential clients can source expertise for any given project. Although South Africa is blessed with a highly competent construction industry very few offer a complete solution.

The task of filtering through the industry's providers to find the best in any of the variety of disciplines is time-consuming and could lead to unforeseen pitfalls when actual construction begins.

This is where the value of JCS Construction Consultants becomes apparent. We are a specialist company that employs a network of professionals and specialists in the construction and related industries. We therefore provide clients with a one-stop solution saving time, hassles and money.

The individuals in JCS have excellent track records and the essential capacity to offer unique and innovative solutions, strengthened by our network of industry specialists.

JCS, as a Consultancy firm, manages resources by employing a core of skilled consultants and a network of professionals from a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines.

The wealth of skills available to JCS from the various disciplines has transformed JCS into a unique consultancy with the ability to bring together technology and knowledge from a wide range of professional skills into its management consultancy services.

We have adopted a flat organisational structure in order to keep our administrative overheads down and rates competitive without compromising on the quality of services rendered to our clients.